Simple wrought canopies for the home

Modern garden sheds are increasingly found in the suburban areas. Depending on their design, size and materials, they can be used as a place to rest, sleep, have a leisurely conversation or make a barbecue. In the summer heat, garden sheds will save from the sun's rays, and in rainy weather will become a shelter from precipitation. A gazebo with a barbecue will be the best universal option with a wide range of possible uses by hosts and guests.
Canopies are made of various materials. Polycarbonate is often used for this. Such products are not only functional load, but also become an ornament, with which the dacha takes an aesthetic look. The design in which polycarbonate is used can take almost any form, it can be made in various colors.
Translucent structures, which are based on a metal profile, create different lighting inside depending on the color of the material. Translucent visors will make the entrance to the house comfortable and beautiful. Monolithic frame will be the key to long service of all products.
The canopy for giving can be separately standing or attached, covering a porch, an entrance or a balcony. Its construction begins with the choice of design. Distinguish between sloping, gable and awnings of complex shape. They can be made of wood, plastic can be used as a material.
The material affects the care of the canopy. Wooden products are necessarily treated with a protective coating, which will help it not to deteriorate from atmospheric phenomena. Materials can be very diverse. Stone or plexiglass can be used as basic elements or combined with others. Often used forged items. Such a stroke will add refinement to the product. The materials with which the forged fragments will be perfectly combined are stone, glass or wood.
The area inside the pergola can accommodate several people and garden furniture. Lightweight and openwork design will make the canopy perfectly fit into the design of the garden. Tents are built and for cars, swimming pools, there can be placed braziers or stove.
Production canopies are rapidly gaining momentum. We are able to decorate your cottage, cottage or cafe with exquisite products made using the most modern technologies. After the material from which the shed will be made is agreed upon, its installation will take place as soon as possible.
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