The main elements of the stairs are not so many - platforms, flight of stairs and railings. Let's talk more about these elements.

  • Balustrade - a landing with a fence or a balcony above the stairs, as a rule, a semicircular shape.
  • Balusters are decorative details of the railing between the steps and the railing and resembling a column.
  • Boltsy - type of the base of the stairs. Special steel bolts mounted to the wall, on which the stair tier is mounted.
  • The depth of the steps of the ladder is the ratio of the height and width of the step, approximately equal to the size of the foot of an adult.
  • Kosour - type of the basis of a ladder. It represents two obliquely set beams (at an angle of approximately 45 °), to which the steps are fixed. Steps nailed, inserted or glued to the slots of the kosour.
  • A flight of stairs is a rise with a certain number of steps from the floor of one floor to the floor of the next or to the landing. This distance is also called <span>.
  • The bottom of the ladder is a structure that holds the ladder in a stationary position. The most common types of bases - kosour, bolza, casing.
  • Podstedenok - board or plate, located under the upper threshold of the stage and closing the gap between the steps.

The step of the ladder is the height of one step, including its thickness.