Pergolas and pavilions of forging

Modern suburban area can not be imagined without a gazebo. Today the range of arbors for giving is huge, and it will not be difficult for you to choose an arbor that is suitable for your garden and from a material that is more attractive to you.

In the strict sense of the word, a gazebo is a landscape gardening facility; Covered lightweight structure for relaxing, creating shade and protecting against rain. Different types of gazebos will help you to create coziness on the site, as well as to spend time comfortably with family and friends.

Arbors for giving choose, proceeding from the general style of the seasonal dacha. This may be the classic "English" gazebos or summer houses with a set of artistic elements ("Moorish" style). "English" arbors are distinguished by a strict style, the absence of decorative elements; they look quite simple (as a rule, they are rectangular gazebos or octahedral gazebos).

In the country arbors in the "Moorish" style are often intricate shapes of walls and roofs; they often use space zoning, as well as apply oriental ornaments, decorative carving.

It looks very interesting and very popular gazebo in the Oriental style. In China, a gazebo is called the "garden eye", it is an essential element in garden design, it is often located near the water and, according to tradition, is given a name. The Chinese arbor is light and airy; it can be of various shapes - round, square, four, six and octagonal. The roof of the Chinese-style pergola resembles a pagoda. Arbor in the Chinese style is made of precious wood, often used carving. The roof or the entrance to the Chinese arbor can be decorated with images of animals from Chinese myths and legends (these are dragon, lion, tiger, unicorn, flying horse, phoenix and tortoise).

The Japanese-style pergola is performed in the traditions of minimalism, which are so appreciated by the Japanese. For the Japanese arbor is important to study the details, as well as isolation from the outside world. A Japanese-style gazebo is a place to relax and unwind. A gazebo in Japan is of great importance - it serves as a tea house (the Japanese call it “tyaniva”), where nothing should distract attention from the tea drinking process, so the Japanese-style gazebo is very elegant, it has no screaming, ornate details. Of the plants, the Japanese are very fond of larch, pine, maple, fruit trees; peonies, chrysanthemums, camellias and irises; therefore, it is often possible to see these plants in the decoration of the Japanese arbor.

Arbors for giving happen stationary and portable (arbors collapsible from a tree or plastic). The range of materials for stationary summer houses is very wide (wood, metal, brick, concrete, polycarbonate). Classic material for gazebos - wood. As a rule, tree gazebos are made of pine or spruce, less often of larch (the material is stronger, but much more expensive than pine and spruce). Garden gazebos made of wood are in perfect harmony with nature, in addition, wood is an environmentally friendly material. When choosing a tree arbor, it is important to pay attention to its processing - the tree should be thoroughly dried and impregnated with special compounds that protect the tree from rotting and parasites; gazebos made of wood should be resistant to the vagaries of nature. It is also important that wooden arbors are very versatile, they can be entered in almost any garden style.

Shod arbors will always become a decoration of a garden. Metal arbors (they are made, as a rule, from cast iron) are very strong and durable. Of course, forged gazebos are more expensive than wooden ones, but they will also last longer. Modern companies offer to make metal arbors of any shape, according to an individual project. In addition, metal arbors look very thoroughly and, at the same time, elegantly. Garden metal gazebos - an indicator of delicate taste. Metal arbors are often decorated with climbing plants, they will perfectly act as a support for vines. In general, arbor entwined with greenery looks very nice and original.

Arbors from polycarbonate - a good option for any problem. Cellular polycarbonate is a high-quality transparent plastic, it has many advantages (excellent heat-shielding characteristics, transparency, good sound insulation). Arbors from polycarbonate are very durable. In addition, when using heating in such gazebos to give, you can spend time all year. Also polycarbonate - flame-resistant material, which is an undoubted advantage and allows you to use it to create summer kitchens.

Arbors from a brick or concrete are very durable. Naturally, country arbors from a brick assume existence of the base (unlike wooden arbors, shod or from plastic), therefore they are put "for ages". At the organization of heating of an arbor from a brick can be used all the year round.

Folding gazebos are good because they can be put on the plot when you come to the cottage or are going to be in the company of family and friends, and you can easily remove them when you leave the cottage. Arbors are cheaper; They are compact, have lightweight designs.