Forging from the First Dnieper Forge BASTION

The First Dnieper Forge "BASTION" occupies one of the leading places in the Dnieper and throughout Ukraine among the companies producing art and power forged products. The company was established in 2000. Over the years, the company has significantly expanded the range

manufactured products:

  • gates, wickets, fences, entrance groups;
  • railings, canopies, awnings, car roofs;
  • lights (park, pendant, on the bracket, on the rack, sculptural, landscape);
  • forged furniture (tables, chairs, benches, hangers, mirrors);
  • small architectural forms (pergolas, trellis, arbors, flower girls, barbecues);
  • sculptural groups and compositions;
  • accessories for fireplaces and barbecues (fireplace sets, woodpiles, fireplace mantels).

Our masters combine the best traditions of artistic forging with the latest European technologies. And the use of modern equipment allows you to carry out orders of any volume in the shortest possible time. Computer-aided design (3D visualization) and a staff of design artists, as well as design engineers, make it possible, even at the design stage, to see the finished product and, if necessary, make adjustments and customer wishes. The office, designers and production are located in one place, which allows for the operational control and full support of the project at each production stage. And the own team of installers does not just install the product at the customer’s facility, but has the opportunity to participate in the work on the project from scratch from measurements to full production, which eliminates options for alterations and delays during installation.