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Design Solutions

Design Solutions

A design solution is a set of text and graphic documents necessary for the implementation of technical solutions to eliminate identified deficiencies, defects, damages, and other violations of contractual, design and regulatory documentation of individual building structures in small areas, as well as during repair or installation of engineering networks of small length.

 Project documentation is required for approval by state or independent non-state expert organizations, in order to obtain a positive expert opinion. A positive expert opinion is necessary to obtain a building permit. In addition, the project documentation will be needed when putting a building or structure into operation, since it is for it that the space-planning, design, and technological decisions made during the construction of the object will be checked.

Working documentation is needed directly for the construction and installation works. It is in accordance with the drawings of the working documentation that all construction work is carried out. Those. working documentation is needed for builders. Working documentation, as a rule, is developed for the implementation of the full range of construction and reconstruction works.

Developed design solutions, in essence, are working documentation. The difference lies in the amount of work performed. Local design solutions are carried out on the basis of a survey, examination or monitoring, if necessary, eliminate identified deficiencies, defects, damage, reinforce individual structures (floor beams, slabs, walls, etc.), design a small extension of the area, lay engineering networks of small length and so forth

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Attention! Designing is one of the most important aspects in the manufacture of a product, especially if it requires reliability and safety. In addition to the design and all calculations based on materials, we also calculate possible loads and take into account all safety measures. To do this, we have our own specialists: design engineer and civil engineer. In addition, the project may include a specialist’s visit to the facility, in-situ measurements, visualization or 3D visualization, and the designer’s support for the manufacturing process and installation work at the facility. Believe me, it's worth it.

The price depends on the object and may vary:

  • stairs from 4000 UAH
  • railings from 6000 UAH
  • gate from 6000 UAH
  • lattices from 1000 UAH
  • sculptures from 8000 UAH
  • lights from 2000 UAH
  • car curtains from 6000 UAH
  • fences from 1500 UAH

There are no products to list in this category.

We specialize in the individual manufacture of forged products. And we are ready to perform for you any metal products: gates, gates, doors, sheds, balcony and other fences, roof curtains, stairs, fences, friezes, furniture, lanterns, lamps, sculptural groups, barbecues, fireplace sets, custom-made products, industrial equipment and more. We will acquaint you with the list of already completed works, thanks to this catalog, gallery and blog.

We work on a turnkey basis with each client and many non-standard solutions are available to us, even where it seems there is no way out of this situation. Our designers, design engineers will offer and calculate the best option for you. The best specialists will make the product for you in the best quality, and the team of installers will install the product according to its location.

Installation work by own brigade
We have our own brigade and the entire installation is done by our specialists under the control of our specialists.


Select a product. Click buy if the item is listed in stock and choosing the option of delivery and payment, place an order.
To get started, check out our catalog and select a model that is close to you. See the quality of previously executed products. And contact the way convenient for you with our managers.
We are ready to send you and you can see for yourself the photos of our products from exhibitions. See our products on many blogs and news sites. We are also ready to provide additional photos of the goods that are in stock before sending the order to the client. We are always open to our customers.
We are always glad to cooperate with other specialists: architects, designers, sculptors, landscape designers and are ready to discuss any options for cooperation. We also worked and are working throughout Ukraine. And we have a lot of completed and implemented objects in Kiev, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Nikopol and other cities and towns of Ukraine. Also our products are in Holland, Germany, Poland, USA, Canada. We will report this in our blog and galleries on the site.
Yes, we really have a set of the best equipment in the Dnieper. And we really have the opportunity to provide services for emergency, institutions and enterprises of the city. In addition, we have a qualified design engineer who will help you at all stages of the implementation of your industrial project. Go to the Metalworking section, where you can see all our services and possible options for cooperation.

Услуги и спецпредложение от ПДК Бастион - Первая Днепровская кузня “Бастион”

Художественная ковка в Днепре

Ворота, калитки, входная группа, скульптуры, фонари, ...
Компания ПДК "Бастион" – устойчивый лидер в отрасли художественной ковки и изготовления металлоконструкций С каждым заказчиком мы работаем индивидуально Опытные конструктора-дизайнеры предложат наиболее правильное и красивое решение.
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Металлообработка в Днепре

Металлообработка под заказ
Художественная плазменная резка, раскрой металла, рубка гильотиной, гибка листового металла, гибка (вальцовка) труб, уголка, швеллера, полосы, сварочно-слесарные работы, подготовка и покраска изделий под заказ в минимальные сроки
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Кованые изделия под заказ

ПДК БАСТИОН — это Первая Днепровская Кузня,
занимающаяся изготовлением кованых изделий и элементов. В каждое изделие наши дизайнеры, художники, инженеры-конструкторы, кузнецы вкладывают все свое умение.
+38-067-933-2702 г. Днепр, Малиновского 80, Украина ПДК БАСТИОН - Художественная ковка это кованые перила и ограждения любой сложности, а также кованые ворота и кованые заборы высочайшего качества, кованые ворота и калитки, решетки, кованые козырьки и другие кованые изделия: Июль 10- 7,  ул. Маршала Малиновского 80, Днепр, Украина, +380675671087 отзывы: 94 из 100: 32 голосов.
If you did not find the product you need in our catalog, contact us and we will help you to realize your idea in metal in excellent quality. PDC Bastion