Care for forged wares

Art forging is becoming increasingly popular. It is beautiful and noble. Wrought-iron gates, wickets, fences and fences, cute wrought-iron benches and bridges, tables for lighting lamps, barbecues, large wrought-iron gazebos and small altankas - this is an incomplete list of wrought-iron products that are often used in arranging private yards and manors.

The product made by the method of artistic forging, with proper initial processing and coating, as well as with further proper care, has been serving for more than 100 years.

ARTISTIC FORGING STUDIO of the First Dnieper Forge BASTION primes all its products, processes it with special impregnations and covers it with a durable paint that is resistant to temperature extremes and ultraviolet radiation.

Some tips from ART FORGING STUDIO, which will help to keep forged products original appearance and extend the service life of forged exterior elements.

  1. Wrought iron gates, wickets need lubrication of moving parts with oil once a year.
  2. If the forged product is contaminated, it should be wiped with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water, without using abrasive detergents. Abrasives can damage the coating - scratch it - thereby deteriorating the appearance and the product will become more susceptible to corrosion.
  3. Forged products covered with high quality paints do not require staining.
  4. If the product made by the method of artistic forging, still appeared rust, in no case can not be cleaned with sandblasting, sanding, rubbing, sanding. Thus, it is possible to damage the protective layer of scale forged products. To remove corrosion from a forged product, a sufficiently rusted area is well heated and rust will crumble off. Further, the place of rust formation should be well wiped, cleaned from small particles of rust (by heating), degreased, primed and painted.
  5. For coloring it is better to use matte paint, it looks more noble than glossy.
  6. Forged products located on the street can not be varnished. The varnish is not resistant to temperature extremes - the forged product will crack.
  7. Wrought braziers, i.e. objects that come into contact with fire can neither be varnished nor painted. If the brazier has lost its former beauty, it is sufficient to prime it with a special solution for forged products.
  8. Forged products can be rubbed with a special wax, it will give shine to the product and protect it from moisture.