What is better: forging or welding?

Forged products have always been in daily use of man. But their cost at one time made them not fashionable. But technologies do not stand still and on the place of manual labor more and more often work mechanisms and even automatic machines that make the whole process much faster and more qualitatively. Elegant metal gates, fences, forged benches, gazebos, openwork lattices and balconies - this is not a complete list of products that blacksmiths have come from under the hammer to make a person's life more beautiful, more convenient and non-uniform.

The forging process is basically filigree handmade. Such a creation of a forged miracle takes a lot of time and effort. It is not surprising that some unscrupulous craftsmen, in order to quickly make a profit, often try to replace complex forging with simpler welding and pass it off for manual work that is paid an order of magnitude higher. Although to be honest, a purely forged product is really expensive and not many can afford it. Therefore, a combination of welding and a set of forged elements is often used.

Since 2000, the First Dneprovskaya Kuznya Forge has been specializing in the manufacture of forged handmade products and products using forged elements. We always invite our customers to visit our production and personally see our production and our work. We always have in our work several products of domestic or industrial use, as well as the manufacture of forged sculptures to order. It will be interesting and you will know how we work and how we make metal constructions and forged products for customers.

Forged product, welded product: what is the difference?

Welding is considered to be a very simple method of making metal figures that does not require talent and experience of the master, because all the work in this case is performed by the mechanism. Products obtained in this way do not differ in the wealth of forms and patterns. As a rule, simple geometric shapes prevail here.

The only thing that unites forged and welded products is the way they are finished. In both cases, these products are equally colored. Therefore, to distinguish between forged and welded structures, remember that:

Forged products surprise with an elegant pattern. All elements in this case are refined and diverse. If the product was made by hand, then with the naked eye one can notice a slight asymmetry of the design and the “non-identity” of some elements. This phenomenon makes forged products more valuable.

The welded product will give a weld when closer examination, no matter how carefully and carefully it is disguised.

During hand forging, not only the shape but also the thickness of the metal changes. Welding can not affect the thickness of the material. Therefore, testing, for example, a lattice forged by the hands of a professional blacksmith, it is very easy to notice the heterogeneity of the thickness of the metal in different places.

Well, it's all trite and obsolete. When ordering from us, our artist designer will create a unique pattern for your request or for your drawing. It is also possible to use already developed and already in use elements of ours. Our equipment allows us to make them according to individual design.

Some more tips

Before ordering a wrought-iron decoration for your home or garden, from a company, do not hesitate to ask for a tour of the forge. And if you place an order in our office, they will show you not only photos, but they will offer to visit the production and show what is in the works now. The real masters of their work do not hide the process of creating metal masterpieces, but, on the contrary, are happy to demonstrate themselves in action. If you are denied somewhere in showing your works, then this is a good reason to think about whether you really offer forged products and whether this company is a manufacturer, and not an intermediary.

To assess the capabilities of the master and his professionalism will help your own sketch of the product or close work with the designer of our company. If the designer makes only minor adjustments and takes the sketch to work, then rest assured that your product is made by hand. And it is better to explain to the designer what you want, and the designer will offer several options and work them out at your request. We also have all the work begins with the departure to the site, measurement. That is, our specialists work closely and take everything into account in the manufacture of the product. Also, the installation is done by our team, which receive from the designer-designer all the documentation and support of the installation work by our specialists.

Feel free to ask the manager to show you the finished product. So you can visually appreciate the quality and work and capabilities of our specialists.

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