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01 Jul What are the stairs
bastion 1 1930
What are the stairs for the house or cottageThe staircase is the most complex three-dimensional element of a residential building, providing its vertical connections along various paths. Over the centuries of its existence inside the house, it has de..
18 Jul Art forging and its role in the interior and exterior
bastion 0 1671
Art forging and its role in the interior and exteriorMetal is a popular building material, but due to its high cost, it is not often seen in interior design. Art forging is the real luxury, but at the same time products differ in usability and a prac..
25 Jul Endless sea of stairs
bastion 0 1649
Endless sea of ​​stairsThe harmonious relationship between functionality and aesthetics is achieved by careful planning of the stairs at the project development stage. The variety of stair designs, forms, materials and balustrades makes the choice of..
18 Jul Art forging these days
bastion 0 1511
Nowadays, art of forged art is being revived, which is understandable. Forged products are a combination of practicality, beauty, wealth, monumentality and elegance. Art forging can become an ornament of many elements at the dacha.Forged products and..
18 Jul Pergolas and pavilions of forging
bastion 0 1510
Pergolas and pavilions of forgingModern suburban area can not be imagined without a gazebo. Today the range of arbors for giving is huge, and it will not be difficult for you to choose an arbor that is suitable for your garden and from a material tha..
25 Jul The main elements of the stairs
bastion 0 1425
The main elements of the stairs are not so many - platforms, flight of stairs and railings. Let's talk more about these elements.Balustrade - a landing with a fence or a balcony above the stairs, as a rule, a semicircular shape.Balusters are decorati..
18 Jul What is better: forging or welding?
bastion 0 1375
What is better: forging or welding?Forged products have always been in daily use of man. But their cost at one time made them not fashionable. But technologies do not stand still and on the place of manual labor more and more often work mechanisms an..
25 Jul Ladder, the necessary mechanism in the house
bastion 0 1238
Ladder, the necessary mechanism in the houseFor some reason, the overwhelming majority of informational materials about the stairs tell not so much about the functionality of the products, but about their original design performance. One gets the imp..
01 Jul Simple wrought canopies for the home
bastion 0 1211
Simple wrought canopies for the homeModern garden sheds are increasingly found in the suburban areas. Depending on their design, size and materials, they can be used as a place to rest, sleep, have a leisurely conversation or make a barbecue. In the ..
18 Jul Home decoration using forging
bastion 0 1085
Home decoration using forgingDecorate your home? Emphasize his character? Transform, strengthen its energy, open new facets in it? Give your home real armor or forged picture, present him with a truly royal gift. Beautiful and stylish, sitting on it ..
13 Aug Forged products for churches and cathedrals
bastion 0 1006
Forged products for churches and cathedralsIn the Dnieper, on August 22, 2017, the ceremony of consecration and installation of crosses and bells of the Armenian Church named after St. Grigor Lusavorich (Gregory the Illuminator). Also, as part of the..
25 Jul Blacksmith for artistic forging
bastion 0 844
Blacksmith for artistic forgingIn the production of various highly artistic works of forging, often used such a device as an open forge forge. It is worth noting that the popularity of forged products is constantly growing. They are actively used in ..
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