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Forged products - the art of artistic forging metal

Artistic forging is a joint work of the artist, designer, blacksmith and many other working specialties, as a result of the work that results in unusual beauty of metal products. This is the art of turning ordinary metal into exclusive openwork forged products of various sizes.

Forging metal has become artistic since the beginning of the work of mankind with metal. After the first knives, scrapers, weapons, experiments and improvements began. All these improvements led to a separate direction in forging and led to the creation of a separate direction in art.

With each century, living conditions, architecture, and requirements for artistic forging have changed. Every century and every culture made their own rules and visions in forged products. The more civilized and qualitatively developed, the more artistic forging was transferred from the production of weapons to everyday life and architecture. After the development of trade relations between the countries, an exchange of culture took place and artistic forging from Asian countries became available in Europe and vice versa. It gained rapid development in its heyday, when it became popular in the architecture of palaces and houses of aristocrats. On the streets of the cities it was possible to observe:

  • beautiful wrought iron gates that protect and adorn the city from enemies and give the status of the city;
  • wrought iron grilles that flaunted on such small windows of citizens and nobles;
  • forged flower stands, decorating vases on window sills and wrought iron balconies;
  • wrought openwork fences and fences on the houses of the municipality and even the middle class;
  • forged weapons and protecting the armor of warriors and even horses;
  • decorations for home and life from simple cups to openwork furniture.

You can list a lot and for a long time. They tried to decorate the entrance of the house with a forged visor, a shed, doors or a combination of these objects with inserts of artistic forging. Even in the interior of many houses, one could see forged fireplace sets near the original fireplace, lamps, candlesticks, racks for clothes and weapons. Forged furniture in itself combined sophistication and refinement in spite of the fact that it was made of sometimes bulky and heavy metal, and furniture fabric emphasized and complemented the uniqueness of furniture. Refined wrought-iron staircases, decorated with openwork railings, were the main attribute of moving between the floors of palaces and other rooms. This era gave the beginning of art forging for life. Some historians point to evidence that the ancestor of this art was the Celtic tribe (modern Great Britain. This tribe existed before our era and it was they who had found the objects and noticed the first attempts to decorate their interiors with wrought iron products.

Today art forging is not less popular. And she acquired many trends and styles in the work. Forging metal is widely used both in the interior and in the exterior of houses, institutions, parks, park zones.

The First Dnieper Forge BASTION is the leader among the artistic forging of metal not only in the Dnieper, but throughout Ukraine. Our work can be seen in the Dnieper, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye and other localities and cities throughout Ukraine. We offer you to order or buy in our online store such forged products:

✐ Furniture;   ✎ Gate;             ✐ Gates;           ✎ Fences;                                    ✐ Fences;

✐ Canopies;   ✎ Visors;           ✐ Balconies;    ✎ Lattices on the windows;      ✐ Flower stands;

✐ Mangals;     ✎ Sculptures;   ✐ Friezes;        ✎ Lanterns;                                  ✐ Decor;

✐ Flowers;      ✎ Stairs;            ✐ Railing;         ✎ Lighting;                                    ✐ Other forged items (bins, stands, etc.).

First Dneprovskaya Forge BASTION offers you to decorate the interior and exterior of your home with wrought-iron wares. When ordering from us, you buy quality and a complete, well-considered, finished product from the leader of the forged products market in Ukraine. We guarantee highly qualified manufacturing of your turnkey order from your idea, our visualization and development before installation by our team at the place of operation. Qualitative work and a guarantee for our products. We offer:

❶ High quality of our products;

❷ 3D visualization and drawing of your sketches by our designer;

❸ Production of any metal products for your project;

❹ Fast production of forged products to order;

❺ A wide range of our forged products;

❻ Delivery in Dnipro by our transport;

❼ Delivery in Ukraine by transport services;

❽ Installation work by own team at the facility at the customer.

We also invite to cooperate on an ongoing basis, organizations interested in expanding their range, as well as architects and designers to implement your ideas on the basis of our production and with our turnkey experts.

The Internet shop First Dnieper Forge BASTION is the place where you can buy finished products or implement your idea of making the products you need with artistic forging for: home, cottage, enterprise, institution, recreation center, recreation area, hotel complex, park area and others.

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